Tom Wolf's ObamaCare

Tom Wolf thinks ObamaCare is "a good start" toward a complete government takeover of our health care system.


Tom Wolf LOVES ObamaCare, and says that it’s "a good start."

Tom Wolf doesn’t think ObamaCare goes far enough!

Tom Wolf supports ObamaCare even though it will cause 250,000 Pennsylvanians to lose their health insurance.

More Tom Wolf ObamaCare Facts

  • Tom Wolf supports ObamaCare, and says that it’s "a step in the right direction." 1
    • Tom Wolf has called ObamaCare "a good start" 2
    • Wolf: "I will make the President’s ACA — ObamaCare — work here in Pennsylvania." 3
  • More than 250,000 Pennsylvanians will lose their health insurance due to ObamaCare. 4
  • Tom Wolf thinks ObamaCare doesn’t go far enough!
    • Wolf thinks we should "go beyond even what the [Affordable Care Act] is doing." 5
    • Wolf on universal health care – "We need to have that." 6
  • ObamaCare is driving up our insurance premiums at an alarming rate.
    • Pennsylvania’s small group insurance premiums has risen seen an 66% "largely due to changes under the ACA." 7
    • Pennsylvania’s individual insurance plan premiums have increased 28%. 7
  • ObamaCare has 21 tax increases, and raises taxes by more than $1 trillion. 8
    • The Medical Device Tax has already cost 33,000 U.S. jobs. 9
      • The medical device industry in Pennsylvania includes 177 companies that employ 22,000 people, and support a total of 80,000 jobs. 10,11
  • Wolf wants to create a state-run ObamaCare exchange in Pennsylvania, even after disastrous results in other states. 2
    • Several state-level ObamaCare exchanges have completely failed, while others have made’s problems look minor in comparison.
    • Here’s what we can look forward to if Tom Wolf creates an ObamaCare exchange in Pennsylvania:
      • Oregon – FAILED
        Oregon abandoned it’s state exchange without having a single person successfully sign up online for health insurance. $134 million in taxpayer money was wasted in the process. 12,13
      • Nevada – FAILED
        Nevada has ditched their ObamaCare exchange website and is moving to the federal website after wasting tens of millions in taxpayer money. 14
      • Washington, DC – RAISING TAXES
        Washington, DC’s health care exchange is such a failure they are raising taxes on all health care plans in the District to pay for it.

        • "To cover its $28 million annual budget, the District’s exchange would have to levy a whopping 17 percent tax on every health plan sold on its Web site." 15
      • Colorado – RAISING TAXES
        In addition to charging people who buy their insurance a fee, that will rise to 3% in 2017, every Coloradan will pay a new tax to fund the state ObamaCare exchange. 16
      • Maryland – FAILED WEBSITE
        After deciding to scrap its healthcare exchange, the overall cost of the state’s failed ObamaCare exchange stands at $261 million. 17
      • Massachusetts – FAILED WEBSITE
        Massachusetts is scrapping it state ObamaCare exchange website, and it moving to the federal exchange—at least temporarily. The fix is projected to cost an extra $121 million. 18,19
      • Hawaii – ON THE VERGE OF FAILURE
        Hawaii’s ObamaCare exchange is the most expensive in the country, and it is projected to cost state taxpayers $15 million per yet to operate. And the state’s largest health insurer has called for the state to abandon it’s ObamaCare exchange due to the many problems with it. 20,21
      • Minnesota – PROBLEMATIC
        Minnesota’s ObamaCare exchange is falling short of enrollment goals, suffered "management failures and technical glitches," and is projected to run a deficit by 2015. 22
  • ObamaCare is hurting schools districts and local governments by driving up budgets and forcing them to cut back employee hours.
    • Higher costs:
      • Bucks County: $1.2 million 23
      • Cumberland Valley School District: $700,000 24
      • Cumberland County: $600,000 25
      • Millcreek School District: $500,000 26
      • Wallenpaupack Area School District: $96,000 27
      • Warminster Township: $83,000 28
    • Cutting and limiting hours:
      • Lawrence County
        • Prison guards and emergency service personnel at the county’s 911 call center are affected. 29
      • Butler School District 30
      • City of New Castle 30
      • Beaver County Sheriff’s Department 31
      • Greater Nanticoke School District 32
      • Dallas School District 32
      • Eastern Lancaster County School District 33
      • Wyoming Valley West School District 34
      • Pennsylvania State University 35,36
      • Southern Lehigh School District 37
      • East Penn School District 38
      • Community College of Allegheny County 39
      • Upper Perkiomen School District 40
      • Warwick School District 41
      • Tredyffrin-Easttown School District 42
      • West Perry School District 43
      • Susquenita School District 43
      • Capital Area Intermediate Unit 43
      • General McLane School District 44
      • Ephrata Area School District 45
      • Juniata County Schools 46
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