Tom Wolf Will Raise Our Taxes

Whether it's higher taxes on the things we buy, our income or energy, Tom Wolf sure loves higher taxes.

Higher Taxes

Tom Wolf refuses to tell voters how big his middle-class income tax increase will be!

Tom Wolf is an extreme tax-and-spend liberal with a history of supporting income and sales tax increases.

When Tom Wolf served as Revenue Secretary our tax burden was the highest ever, and Wolf tried to raise taxes even higher.

Tom Wolf supports ObamaCare—one of the largest tax increases in American history!

Tom Wolf’s idea of tax "fairness" is to hike taxes on small businesses.

More Tom Wolf Tax Facts

  • Tom Wolf wants to increase the state income tax on middle-class families. 1
    • Wolf refuses say exactly who will be paying higher taxes, and how big his income tax increase will be! 2
      • The Philadelphia Inquirer said that Wolf is not being honest with voters when he refuses to discuss his plan to raise the state income tax. 2
    • An analysis by a non-partisan policy research organization says that Wolf’s plan would necessitate a more-than DOUBLING of the state income tax rate! 3
      • Pennsylvania’s income tax rate would have to be raised by 121% to pay for just TWO of Tom Wolf’s proposals! 3
  • Tom Wolf served as Ed Rendell’s chief tax collector when the state tax burden was at it’s highest point ever — and Tom Wolf wanted to raise our taxes even higher. 4,5
    • Wolf supported a nearly 17% increase in the state sales tax that would sock lower-income Pennsylvanians. 6
      • Wolf wanted to send an additional $1.3 billion to Harrisburg by hiking taxes that hit fixed-income and low-income workers the hardest. 7
      • Wolf wanted to raise Allegheny County’s sales tax to 8%! 6
        • Even members of Wolf’s own party admitted that his tax increase would "hurt" lower-income families.
          "Reps. Jake Wheatley, D-Hill District, and Kathy Manderino, D-Philadelphia, said the higher tax will hurt the lower-income people in their districts, because an 8 percent sales tax would be second only to the tax in parts of New York." 6
    • Wolf supported a $41 million tax increase on trash collections. 7,8
  • Tom Wolf supports ObamaCare — one of the largest taxes increase in U.S. history — calling it "a good start." 9,10
    • ObamaCare has 21 tax increases, and raises taxes by more than $1 trillion. 11
      • The Medical Device Tax has already cost 33,000 U.S. jobs. 12
  • Tom Wolf has made massive new energy taxes the centerpiece of his campaign, even if they cost Pennsylvania jobs. 13,14
    • Wolf was part of a Democratic field that "want[ed] to tax the Dickens out of the Marcellus Shale." 15
      • Even other Democrats have criticized Wolf’s severance tax plan as being "a little high." 16
    • Wolf wants to impose a state cap-and-trade tax on Pennsylvania. 17
      • The Washington Post says Wolf’s plan is just another tax increase:
        "Ultimately, RGGI might best be thought of less as a solution to climate change and more of a revenue-raiser for the Northeast." 18
  • When Tom Wolf served on a tax commission under Governor Rendell, Wolf backed a plan that would have hiked taxes on small businesses. 18
    • "Among the biggest losers if the plan is adopted will be small businesses." 19
    • The small-business advocacy group National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) criticized the plan for recommending a "30 percent increase in the taxes small businesses pay." 19
    • The Commonwealth Foundation criticized the plan saying "the biggest impact will be to discourage some types of small business growth." 20
    • The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry criticized the plan because it "shift[s] taxes among job creators [and] does nothing to improve the collective business community’s ability to create jobs." 21,22
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